Thursday, 17 November 2011

Are you a big girl?

Ok so everyday as a mother brings joy as well as a nice helping of frustration! My musings head this way as I am currently working on potty training Niamh. I wonder sometimes if it's the Lords way of getting a kick outta us...ok not seriously, but SERIOUSLY??? Somedays she is great, staying dry and going by herself. By the end of those days my hand is stinging from all the high five-ing going on around here...and then there are the other days. I swear somedays she only goes when she decides she's feeling peckish and a nice smartie would hit the spot. Those days drive me nuts!

I hate cleaning up wet floors and pants, and I hate pull-ups too! What is a girl to do? *sigh*
She will be three in a month. I try to take solace in the fact that chances are she is not gonna be sixteen and still wetting get a good space of time before you have kids where that is well controlled!! I'm trying to be patient. With Sophie it was a battle of the wills, constant stress and eventually I threw in the towel and a couple months later she decided she wanted to wear panties, and that was that. I couldn't believe it was that easy, she wanted to be a big girl so she did it all by herself! Niamh will not be coaxed...

A few months ago we were going pretty hard core on the potty thing. She was resisting so I decided to employ the age old taunt "Are you a big girl or a baby?" I asked Niamh "Are you a big girl?" to which she replied "No" so I asked "Are you a baby?" also a negative. I asked for pretty much the duration of our lavatory visit and she continued to answer no. Finally I asked "Well what are you then?" to which my smarty pants two year old responded "A Big Baby!" I pretty much thought it was the funniest thing ever!

It's funny how as I write this I am thinking of the progress she has made. She really wants to wear panties like her big sister, I just don't know how long it'll take before she is dry all the time! Maybe it's just me being lazy...yah it probably is! I guess somedays are just more frustrating than others, I was trying to have her trained by this past summer, two kids in diapers sucks! I guess there is nothing to say but "wish me luck"...or you know, give me some suggestions!

What tricks did you pull outta your bag to potty train??